Bombay Grill is one of Chicago most posh restaurants and you need to step inside to know why. The building which houses the restaurant is a Grade II listed building and was once a library. Complete with a high ceiling, a gallery lined with books and crisp table linen, everything about The Bombay Grill spells opulence.

Not your usual Indian restaurant, Bombay Grill serves innovative delicacies such as Lamb and Beetroot Curry with root vegetables, Sliced Veal Escalope with toasted coriander seasoning and Fish Fillet cooked in coconut cream flavoured with ginger and turmeric. If you’re an early riser, try their breakfast menu which features Spicy Bombay Scrambled Eggs served with flaky Paranthas, or South Indian Uttappam or Upma. Bombay Grill is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion with friends or family.

Where Can I Find It? Bombay Grill Zagreb,Tkalcieva 74,
RANDO VRIJEME : 11:00 -24:00